22 researchers have joined the AAU Mentor programme

22 researchers have joined the AAU mentor programme

22 researchers from all five faculties across AAU will be part of the new AAU mentor programme. On 18 March, the kickoff event for the mentor programme will take place in Aalborg.

Last modified: 26.02.2020

22 researchers have joined the new AAU mentor programme; 11 mentees and 11 mentors. The researchers have been matched across departments and will meet up for 1:1 conversations about career development in academia.

Kickoff EVENT in MARCH

The participants will meet for the first time on 18 March at the kickoff event for the AAU mentor programme. Subsequently, the mentors and mentee will meet on their own three times before the programme is evaluated at a closing meeting for all participants in December, 2020. 

12 departments HAVE JOINED

The mentors and mentees come from the following departments across all five faculties at AAU. The majority is based in Aalborg, but some of the researchers are based in Copenhagen:

  • Architecture, Design and Media Technology
  • Built Environment
  • Chemistry and Bioscience
  • Clinical Medicine
  • Communication and Psychology
  • Computer Science
  • Culture and Learning
  • Energy Technology
  • Health Science and Technology
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Planning
  • Politics and Society

More information

The scope of the AAU mentor programme is to bring researchers together across AAU for 1-1 conversations about career competencies, personal and professional development and insights.

The programme is a pilot project and therefore has a limited number of participants. The project will be evaluated by the end of 2020.

The programme is a collaboration between AAURA and the AAU Committee for Equality and Diversity. Read more about the mentor programme on the AAURA webpage.