VIP competences

Strategic focus on career development

AAU has a strategic focus on the competence development of teaching staff as they are central for ensuring the quality of our degree programmes. At the same time, AAU Competence Development focuses on career development for academic staff (VIP) at AAU to bring into focus the many paths and opportunities a career at AAU may include, and how to make the best of your career by bridging your personal ambitions with AAU’s strategic objectives.

Research competences

AAU Research Academy is an offer for juniorresearchers at AAU, helping them get off to a good start with their career development to form a solid foundation for becoming future top researchers at AAU. The formal competence development offers supplement the efforts and the dialogue in the departments.

More experienced researchers and teaching staff have the opportunity of improving their competences in project work (meeting management, process facilitation and efficient steering groups), professional communication or English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) including certification, etc.

The new initiative CLAAUDIA under AAU’s digital strategy offers data support, guidance and competence development to help researchers use digital resources more efficiently and to help them live up to current guidelines for good research ethics and rules on data processing.

Teaching skills

AAU’s competence strategy also focuses on pedagogical competences and problem-based learning (PBL). The competence development offers include an assistant professorship programme and an introduction to PBL for new AAU teaching staff who has previously been employed at other universities.

Management development

If you have recently become the chair of study board, head of research group or head of studies, you have the opportunity of targeted competence development to equip you for your work tasks. Read more on the page on management development, where you can find information on specific courses aimed at these particular managerial positions.